In late January, we converted to recording sermons live; older sermons are recorded elsewhere, typically in Tara’s garage, so you might hear the  occasional cat meow or windchime….  Starting in August, the recordings were back in church, but may be muffled with the use of a mask!

There are a few missing sermons due to recording difficulties.  Also, we have some reports of this not playing on Firefox, so try in Chrome!!

Note, the recording BELOW the title is the one that corresponds!

September 2020: Oneness

Sept 27: Of the Same Mind  Philippians 2: 1-5

Sept 20: One Reward Matthew 20: 1-16

Sept 13: One in Worship Romans 14: 1-12

Sept 13: Guided, Visualized Prayer

Sept 6: One in Labor Psalm 149

August 2020

Aug 30: Solid Rock or Stumbling Stone?  Matthew 16: 21-28

Aug 30: Special Loving Kindness Meditation (written by Tara Macy)

Aug 23:  Opening to a Name Matthew 16: 13-20

Aug 16: Jesus’ Shadow Side  Matthew 15: 10-22

Aug 9:  “The Winds that Distract from Loving (And What to Do About It)”  Matthew 14: 22-33

Aug 2: “YOU Feed Them!” Matthew 14: 13-21

March 2020

Sermons Interrupted:  Due to the COVID 19 precautions we will be participating in worship in new and creative ways.  Make sure you are on our mail/email list, and check us out on Facebook for updates

March 22: Reflections on Psalm 23

March 8:  Encounters that Change You  John 3: 1-21

March 1: The Tempter Within  Matthew 4: 1-11

February 2020

February 23: Listen to Him! Matthew 17: 1-9 *NOTE  blank spaces in recording are times of meditation for the practice of Lectio Divina….it is not the end of the message!

February 16: The Law Above All Laws Matthew 5: 21-48

February 9: We?  We are Light!  Matthew 5: 13-20

February 2:  But First, Be Blessed.  Matthew 5: 1-12

January 2020

January 26: The Call Matthew 4:12-23

January 19: Holy Finger-Pointing John 1: 29-42

January 12: A Public Claim  Matthew 3: 13-17

January 5: Epiphany Sunday – From Extraordinary to Ordinary John 1: 1-18