This is Us

Congratulations SLUMC!! We gathered 223 pairs of NEW Socks during our Christmas Sock Drive, and they are heading to Good News Rescue Mission!! Wonderful Work!!

Our Thanksgiving Blanket/Towel Drive for the animal shelters was a big hit! We donated to four different shelters, local and semi-local. Bless you all!

Here are some pictures from our 80th Celebration!

These are some pictures from last summer’s ‘face lift’….we uncovered and refinished the original hardwood, updated the paint and did some much needed cleaning out.  Lots of labor, lots of volunteer hours.

Here are some pics of the ‘family’

Folks, if you see below a ‘page not found’ error, know that I’m a pastor and not a web designer.  I don’t know why it says that, and you’ve obviously found this page…. 🙂 If you’d like to volunteer to manage the website, please contact me!